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Booking Process

If you are interested in getting tattooed by me, please read all of the following general information and then fill out the tattoo request form. This is the best and easiest way for me to answer all of the easy questions and focus my time on your artwork.



Booking Information

My Tattoo Focus:

As my work progresses, I am prioritizing my focus on what I am most artistically passionate about with tattooing, rather than taking on every project. My favorite tattooing is larger scale and custom projects across a variety of genres, primarily focusing on geometric, fine line, blackwork, dotwork, floral, nature themes, as well as still branching out here and there. While I will sometimes do work outside of this, please understand that it is not personal if I can’t take on your project, as my tattooing is about what inspires me first and foremost as an artist. If you are looking for work outside what I am comfortable with, I will always happily point you in the direction of other great local tattoo artists who excel in that style.


Booking and Consultation:

My process varies a bit between smaller work and larger work, but the basics stay the same. If you would like to get tattooed by me, please fill out the tattoo request form at the bottom of this page. This helps me with my organization process in order to serve you better and more efficiently. For most smaller projects, (something that can be done in one session) I generally do not need to do a consultation and can work with the information submitted below. For any larger or more custom projects and placements/cover-ups, I will usually want to meet in person to discuss the details before taking a deposit. When you submit the form I will let you know if we should do an in-person or digital consultation.



My current pricing is $200/hr, this is for actual tattoo time in the chair. For more simple layouts and small projects I do not charge for stencil layout time, but for complex projects like wraparound banding sleeves that require multiple hours of drawing on the skin I will charge differently. My layout rate for work like that is $50/hr with a cap at $200 each day. I require a non-refundable $100 deposit for all tattoo appointments, and $250 for anything large such as a whole sleeve, back, leg, etc. The deposit goes towards the cost of your tattoo unless you no-call no show for an appointment or reschedule less than 24 hours in advance, in which case you will need to put down a new deposit. If this is a project that will take more than one session, your deposit will be carried over until the LAST appointment. This is to ensure your commitment to the entirety of the project and to help keep my books organized. 


Design Process:

I assume that if you are coming to me and are familiar with the style of my work, then you are willing to trust my creative direction to a certain degree. I will always do a free in-person or digital consultation to get all of the details necessary to put together a project before taking a deposit, especially if you are traveling from out of state. I will not however, send designs over email or messenger prior to our appointment, unless I deem it necessary to get more input from you beyond our initial consult. If you would like to see a design before the appointment, I would be happy to schedule a time in person or on a digital meetup platform to talk it out. I do this because it is much harder to communicate design details and changes through messaging or email and isn’t an effective use of either of our time. Plan that during your appointment we will spend as much time as needed to make any necessary changes to the design or stencil placement before any actual tattooing occurs to ensure we are both confident in the tattoo, especially if it is a larger project. 


What To Expect At Tattoo Appointment:

The layout process can take anywhere from a few minutes to a couple hours for complex projects, and your patience is appreciated. If there are any questions or concerns to the design that can't be resolved at our appointment, I would prefer to reschedule to a later date if more time is needed rather than rush a undeveloped concept. The tattoo process takes time, patience, and trust especially when it is completely custom for you. I ask that you take this into mind when planning for your appointment the day before/day of our appointment, as well as the healing time afterward. Please ensure you allow extra time for your schedule on the day before and after our planned time, and be mindful of your overall mental and physical health. Please do not show up for an appointment under the influence of any drugs or alcohol, nor use anything during our time together. It's really not fun for me.


Thank You:

I appreciate you taking the time to read through this and gain some insight into my process. I am constantly humbled and immensely grateful to every person that allows me to put my art on their bodies to carry through this life journey, and for putting so much faith and trust in my work. I would not be where I am without constant support from you all, and for that I am forever in gratitude to you.

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