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Woodburning And Fine Art


About Me

My whole life I have always worked creatively with my hands. Growing up in Colorado in a home full of art projects, musical instruments, gardening and yard work I was always busy and getting my hands dirty. Woodworking, metalsmithing, drawing, sculpture, and graphic design were in my blood from pretty young, all through high school and early college. I was always fascinated by tattoos and tattooing at a young age, but really never got any exposure to it in any real sense until my very late teens. In college I reached a point that graphic design and art school were not fulfilling my driving interests anymore creatively and I left school to pursue different avenues of creativity.

I then spent the next ten years as a professional dance photographer traveling all over the US, while in my free time back at home I began diving deeper into the visual arts. My focus has been primarily been on woodburning, acrylics, and mixed medium work, always with a strong focus on geometry and how it interacts with us as humans. As art has started to become more and more of my life, tattooing has found itself as a larger part of that path each year, both through self-learning and apprenticing, until now being my full focus in life since early 2018. I will always continue to make fine art and express myself through many mediums, but the love for tattooing and the constant learning and growth that comes with it each day is my passion and I am grateful to all who choose to include me in their life journey.

Today, my permanent home for my tattoo work is at my private studio, Driftwood Tattoo Studio in Estes Park, CO. If you are interested in getting tattooed by me, please go to my booking page for all the general information you may need, and fill out the form at the bottom to submit a request. Thanks!

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